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SRF DOK: Heim -und Verdingkinder.

Anker 1

Year. 2020
Genre. TV Documentary
Client. SRF Swiss Radio and Television
Activities. Editing | Illustrations | Animations

. Thousands of people suffered great injustice in Switzerland in the 20th century. They were deprived of their rights, humiliated and abused. After decades, Switzerland apologized, worked on the past and made amends. A historic success? Or a bad compromise?

. For this SRF documentary by Simon Christen, O'Neil Bürgi was allowed to illustrate and animate the memories of former Swiss foster children. The task was to artistically abstract the traumatic experiences and bring them to life with subtle animations. The illustrations were drawn on paper and then digitally edited. Bürgi also took over the entire film editing and accompanied the production from the first meetings to the sound design.

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