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Hollywood à discretion.

Anker 1

Year. 2007
Genre. Documentary Short
Directed & Produced by. O'Neil Bürgi
Script. O'Neil Bürgi & Andreas Marti
Narrator. Christoph Hürsch
Music. Daniel Laufer
Graphics & Animations. Daniel Walser
ISAN. 0000-0007-334A-0000-U-0000-0000-L

. Hollywood à discretion is a documentary about the movie prop collector Roman Güttinger. He owns Europe's largest collection of replicas and original pieces from films such as Alien , Batman and Indiana Jones . The Swiss media has reported countless times on the collection of the Swiss-born man. But no one has seriously asked who this man actually is. His influences, his childhood, his life and his time in Hollywood are described in this documentary short.

O'Neil Bürgi's first documentary was broadcasted on various local television stations in 2007 and later released on DVD.

. Hollywood à discretion

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