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Window to the Otherworld.

Anker 1

Year. 2012
Genre. Documentary Feature
Written, Produced & Directed by. O'Neil Bürgi
Cinematography. Emilio Cocciadiferro
Camera Assistant & Sound. Louis F. Golay
Music. Daniel Laufer
Sound Postproduction. Jürg von Allmen
DVD & Blu-ray available at.
VoD. VimeoOnDemand
ISAN. 0000-0003-3BE4-0000-J-0000-0000-H

. Switzerland is a treasure trove of exciting stories of ghosts and haunted houses. Some of the most fascinating and eerie events are examined in this film with journalist Hans Peter Roth, based on interviews with witnesses at the scene of the events.

This documentary also shows two personalities with the ability to see deceased people and receive voices from from the afterlife. The medium Andreas Meile and the clairvoyant Sam Hess personally talk about their gift in this film.

newspaper article
. Der Bund from 15.12.12
newspaper article
. Thurgauer Zeitung from 14.12.12
magazine article
. Filmdienst from December 2012
IMDb. Fenster zum Jenseits

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