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Dancing with the Storms.

Anker 1

Year. 2009
Genre. Documentary Feature
Written, Produced & Directed by. O'Neil Bürgi
Music. Daniel Laufer
Sound Postproduction. Manfred Gysi
Color Grading. Raphael Zürcher
DVD & Blu-ray available at.
VoD. VimeoOnDemand
ISAN. 0000-0003-186C-0000-E-0000-0000-W

. When the weather forecast predicts a really bad storm, most people hide in their rooms. Not so for Christian Matthys. He is a so-called storm chaser. Fascinated by the power of nature and the beauty of weather phenomena, it is not enough for him to just observe a storm from home, he wants to experience it up close.

So whenever he finds time, he gets in his car and goes "hunting" for storms. Dominic Blaser and Gregory Käser are also storm chasers. While their hobby is already quite popular in the USA, it still enjoys exotic status in Switzerland. But thanks to the Internet, they can exchange ideas with others who share their interests - including Christian Matthys - and occasionally go storm chasing together. This can lead to dangerous situations...

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. Dancing with the Storms

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