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Anker 1

Year. 2020
Genre. Documentary Feature
Written, Produced & Directed by. O'Neil Bürgi
Film promotion & Producer. Norma Giannetta
Co-Producer. SRF Swiss Radio and Television
Camera Assistant & Sound. Céline Gretener
Music. Daniel Laufer
Sound Postproduction. Jürg von Allmen
Color Grading. Raphael Zürcher
DVD & Blu-ray available at.
VoD. VimeoOnDemand
ISAN. 0000-0005-63F9-0000-G-0000-0000-Q

.19-year-old Alessandra is a wrestling student. As a beginner, her goal is to develop a so-called "gimmick" for herself: a ring character of her own that should be very similar to her based on her biographical cornerstones

This film documents this development process, which at the same time represents an inner journey of self-discovery for Alessandra. But on the way to becoming a full-fledged wrestler, her life changes in unexpected ways, forcing her to grow up faster than expected.

newspaper article
. St.Galler Tagblatt from 28.8.21
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. SRF Kulturplatz from 27.1.21
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. from 21.1.21
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